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How come people attack me for hoping for an short probation term so that it will benefit my mental health?

So I have some legal problems and I'm facing some probation time. I was told that the max that i could ordered for probation is 5 years. I also have an electronic tether which is uncomfortable and I'm hoping that it will be taken off for the duration of the probation. I told people that I'm hoping that it will be a short probation term and that I won't be monitored so that I can practice some of my coping skills. I can't swim with this thing on and swimming is a coping skill of mine. People attacked me and said that a short probation term won't make me learn my lesson and they said they are hoping for a longer probation and that I will have a tag. I don't get why people want the worse for me. It will kill me if they get their way. How come people don't understand that having a shorter probation term would be beneficial for my mental health ?

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    1 month ago

    They attack you for being a moron and a loser not for anything else.  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Take a long soothing bath (keep the monitor on).

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