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I feel guilty about something, any advice?

After I go to the bathroom I always clean my hands, but the other day even after that I smelt something bad in my hands, I was holding a paper I had to give to my therapist. I freaked out and used a lot of alcohol in my hands but still gave her the paper and I feel really guilty, can you help me?


I realized that in my car

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    Google "alcohol" to find out its power to kill germs. That would be a wise thing to do.  Another wise thing for you to do is to find a therapist you feel comfortable enough with so that you could discuss such things as fear of germs. You don't want to go through your Life with all kinds of useless fears, do you?  So zero in on the important problems you do have, and bring them up in therapy. I wish you well.   

  • James
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    1 month ago

    It's good for your therapists immune system don't worry about it

  • Lili
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    1 month ago

    Ask your psychologist. She is the person with whom you should discuss this.

    It sounds as though you are suffering from a mental illness, not some ordinary issue or neurosis for which most people see therapists. You might want to ask her for a referral to a psychiatrist for evaluation.

    Have you ever been evaluated for OCD?

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