How do I go about this research paper and how do I ask a research question?

Hi, I have to do a research paper about gender. For this assignment, I would like to look at Instagram meme pages because everyday, I see memes made about gender. I see women, men, boys, and girls get stereotyped in memes. They are usually negative. Depending on which meme page it is, in the comment sections of these memes, I see people point out that the stereotype is wrong or I see people go along with the negativity of the meme, sometimes they go further and say hateful and sexist things. I know for a fact that memes must influence people. 

I do not know where to go from here. Am I meant to make a hypothesis? My hypothesis would be that there are more negative stereotypes that target women and that there are more sexist comments made toward women in the comment sections. If this is correct according to all the memes I collect from a number of meme pages then this would be my thesis, is that right? Does my research question have to be related to this? Would a research question be: Are women or men more negatively stereotyped in memes found on Instagram meme pages?

Any suggestions?

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  • 1 month ago

    Memes are a way to communicate feelings generally from an audience of lower education.

    However as of stereotypes against men and women its good to know the effects of estrogen and testerterone.

    Research papers where the professor asks you to make a thesis is tricky, academia requires skill and one of the skills is formulating a decision on time.

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