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I have a question for sociopaths and those who love them.?

I know of two sociopaths who got better. I'm interested in other stories.

If you know a sociopath who has or is recovering, or are one, please share your story.

Here are the two (shortened) stories that I know of:

1. sociopath meets borderline, likes borderline, and the borderline confronts her and makes her feel really, really bad about the way she lives. She gets into therapy and gets better. If you want to read/watch it for yourself- It's in Girl, Interrupted. Lisa is the sociopath (played by Angelina Jolie) and ________? is played by Winona Ryder...

2. Girl becomes sociopath (with BPD traits?) because of parental abuse, later develops PTSD because of MORE parental abuse and starts to develop empathy, feels things neurotypical people feel. (eg love, appreciation for beauty, fear, etc.)

Who do you know? I'm also willing to answer questions about the second story, because I know the person.


I feel like people will accuse me of being a troll for this question.

I'm not going to provide more detail unless I want to because I know there are better places for this question. 

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