Do I really have to pay a fake speeding ticket written by a private security guard?

The president of the company hired a new security company to slow down traffic coming in and out of the parking lot.  It's a large multi building complex with streets going around the buildings and several parking areas.  It's all located on private property with one way in and out.  

I turned into the entrance on my mountain bike, there was a sign speed limit 5 mph and about 15 feet down the street there was a wanna-be robocop in a security uniform standing on the side of the road with a toy sports radar gun.  He flags me down and demands to see my driver's license and company ID.  It's like, why do I have to show you my driver's license, I'm pedaling a bike you moron?  He tells me he clocked me at 15 mph in a 5 mph zone and writes me a fake speeding ticket for $50 + $20 administration fee.  The ticket has instructions for mailing the fine, payable in certified funds, to the security company.  He said if I had any questions, I would have to go downtown to talk to his supervisor.  

All anybody at the company knows is a new security company was hired but they didn't know much about the tickets except other employees were complaining.  They said the security company was writing tickets for 1 mph over the speed limit which was a $10 fine.  They also wrote a ticket for empty beer cans in the back of a truck.  

The real cops said the ticket was a fake, but they don't want to get involved since the security guard was on private property.  

What happens if I don't pay? 


We've never before had parking lot patrol.  Maybe next time just blow past this bozo as fast as I can go?

Update 2:

How can they seriously enforce a 5 mph speed limit with a toy radar gun?  The radar isn't 100% accurate and if they haven't been properly trained and certified, they could get a false reading.  Try going under 5 mph on a motorcycle and you'll tip over.  Writing tickets for whatever amount they want and issuing a $10 ticket plus $20 costs for 1 mph over the speed limit?  That's insane.  They could seriously sue me for $70?  It'll cost more than that for the filing fee.

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  • Bruce
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    If you don't pay, they could turn the ticket over to a collections agency or sue you in court. Yes, there is a filing fee. That amount and other court costs will be added to the amount of the judgement. That ticket could become $300 or more. 

    They could also discipline you for violating company policy. 

  • 1 month ago

    No, you have to pay the REAL speeding ticket issued by the agent of the PRIVATE property.

    No, the real cops DID NOT say the ticket is fake. They said it isn't a GOVERNMENT citation.

    Bubba Ray: If you do, they WILL sue, and they WILL win.

  • 1 month ago

    Tell the security company "See you in court."

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