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physics help?

The ray diagram shown in the figure is for the lens from your friend eyeglasses. Intentionally the lens is masked.

A. Is this lens a converging or diverging lens? Give a brief explanation

B. The distance from the center of the lens to point F (focal points) is 40 cm. What is the focal length, f, and the refractive power of your friend eyeglasses?

C.The distance of the object from the center of the lens, S= 80 cm. Find the position of the image, S^1 and the magnification, m? 

D. What is your friends vision defect? Hyperopia or Myopia? Explain how you knew. What is the near and far points of your friend?

For A) I said it was diverging because the rays spread out when they hit the lens

For B) I got .4 m for the focal length and -2.5 for the refractive power

For C) I got -.27 m for S^1 and .763 for the magnification

For D) I said he has myopia because his refractive power is negative and he has a diverging lens. For his near point, I got .25 m and for his far point, I got .4m 

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