Which song was more popular in 1992 between Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" or Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You"?

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    "I Will Always Love You" was far more popular than "Smells Like Teen Spirit," BUT NOT IN 1992. That's because "I Will Always Love You" didn't come out until late November 1992, it being the theme song to the movie The Body Guard, which was released Thanksgiving weekend, so with only 5 weeks left in 1992, it was only on the charts for 5 weeks of 1992. "Smells Teen Spirit," however, came out in late 1991 and so had the opportunity to be on the charts all of 1992, although only actually making the charts 32 weeks of 1992's 52 weeks. The popularity of "I Will Always Love You" would swell in 1993, never dropping off at all but spending all 52 weeks on the charts, a whopping 14 weeks at number one, as it became the fourth-best-selling single of all time. "Smells Like Teen Spirit," on the other hand, isn't even among the top 100 best-selling singles of all time.

    In short, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was more popular in 1992 than "I Will Always Love You," but only because it had the whole year to be popular, not just the last 5 weeks like "I Will Always Love You" did. 

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    Smells like Teen Spirit.

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    Trick question......as  I will always love you,  was more of a 1993  thing.......even though it was released in late in 1992.......it was on the charts thru most of 1993. 

    For my money...........Smells like Nirvana, by Weird Al Yankovic,  was absolute brilliance !    Better than both those songs. 

    I read somewhere that Weird Al went to great painstaking lengths to recreate the original video,  including even hiring some of the same people that appeared in the original as extras.  Scene for scene, shot for shot,  he tried to stay as true to the original as possible-


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