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Could we travel to another time by recreating it?

If we had info on the position of every atom at any given moment, then pieced them all together- then we would suddenly find ourselves in that "time"? Or not.

Obviously this is a thought experiment.

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    Time dimension is a part of energy , since energy can not be created nor destroy and the past energy had already converted  to others forms of energies then how can we bring that amount of energy, mass and space back then. Suppose we need a tremendous  amount of energy to do so, where would  we get that amount of energy from then.

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    but you would also have to ensure that the ionization state and energy levels of the electrons and nucleus were also recreated.

    aIn case you are wondering, it is physically impossible to do so. There are no records anywhere of the positions etc of every atom even in a small volume such as a room. There are only approximate records such as videos and pcitures and a few artifscts that may still be in existence, such as furniture and fittings.

    An ounce or so of matter in an object contains about 10^23 atoms, so clearly no conceivable mechanism could record the exact position of all those atoms except the object itself.

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    The whole universe can't be changed this way as the total entropy of the universe will have increased between the past and present.  So recreating a previous state for the whole unverse is impossible (assuming the 2nd law of thermodynamics is correct).

    Gravity can not be shielded.  So even inside a small system (e.g. a sealed room) the old gravitational field of the universe could not be recreated.  That means there would still be a tiny difference between the recreated state and the original state inside the room.

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    No. That would violate entropy. 

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