Did I do the right thing by throwing him out and calling off the wedding?

I was engaged to be married in the near future, but my fiance showed little sympathy for me when I got hurt. I went to take my medicine, slipped, fell and the water I was going to use to take it spilled so I couldn't get up because I kept slipping. I called out to him for help and while I was still on the floor he was yelling at me because I woke him up to help me. He also liked to tell me about his day at work and got furious and yelled if I interrupted him to comment or because I got excited and wanted to show him something while he was talking, but when I tried to tell him about my day he looked out the window and made it really obvious he did not want to listen. He did not want me to talk while we were eating or while he was watching tv, but thinks nothing of tickling me while I am eating or telling long winded stories when I am trying to watch something. He wouldn't make love to me, unless I argued with him about the lack of sex so when I caught him cybersexting, I threw him out and called off the wedding. He is saying he wants to come home. Did I do the right thing by throwing him out?

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    Anna, you certainly did do the right thing. People like him only ever get worse and you have acted correctly. No one has the right o walk all over your dignity as that's God given. To have been treated the way you were only validates your actions of getting rid of him as he sounds like some one who would never make a marriage work. Marriage is all about a partnership and not a "dictatorship".

    Do not take him back under any circumstances as he clearly thinks only of himself and it would end in disaster if you were to reunite with him.

    If he truely loved you, he would have been way more considerate and caring toward yourself.

    You can certainly do a whole lot better than him in another relationship as he is nothing short of a control freak and your life would end up in misery.

    I really hope you meet some one who is nice, caring, considerate, and loving.

    You deserve far better that what you had. 


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    1 month ago

    He will never change to make you happy, only get worse.  He will fall back to his ways in short time. that is one reason why a long engagement, or no wedding is a good thing. Sooner or later the true person comes out.

  • 1 month ago

    Why on earth would you want to marry someone who yells at you?! Let alone the other stuff. By marrying him you are letting him know that you accept his behaviour and he's ok to continue - and probably worse.

    People who are feeling confident and secure and have self respect don't feel a need to call people names, criticise, bully, shout, etc. Good Luck!

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