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Is there an app that reports dog excrements in streets and have them removed?


like a Poop Patrol?

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  • 1 month ago

    There are no specific apps for that sole purpose which I am aware of, but there are a number of existing apps which could be used for that task. But only if municipal authorities where you live agreed to receive and act upon the reports those apps generate.

    Just search online for “pothole reporting apps”. 

    They’re intended to report holes in road surfaces: typically the user takes a photo using the app and maybe a brief description, and the app then sends the photo with either GPS data or a what3words location (even more accurate than GPS). 

    There’s no reason why the same type of app cannot be used to report things like litter, flytipping, dog waste, roadkill carcasses and similar problems. One of those apps already claims it can be used for reporting those kinds of things along with broken street lighting and damaged/dirty road signs.

    BTW: if you don’t already have it then download the free what3words app. It’s fantastic in emergencies and in the UK and Europe lots of emergency services suggest that callers download and install the app when they report location-specific incident. Similarly if you make an emergency call and they need a precise location, the emergency call handler can quickly download and install the same app to see precisely where you’re located. Three word codes are much simpler to relay than complicated map coordinates.

  • keerok
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    1 month ago

    From where I am, it's called "rain".

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    ...and who exactly do you fancifully imagine is going to come running along at your beck and call to scoop that poop? In fact, following the precedent of "(s)he who smelt it delt it" and "possession in 9/10 of the law," the reporter becomes the most likely culprit, so expect your ticket and order to pay a fine to soon arrive.

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