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Do I have agoraphobia?

I can go on buses not too far or depends, I can shop but I feel limited in social situations like going to the bank where there will b social setting. I cant wait in line too much or else I will start getting an upset stomach loss of breath and diharrea with fear. I have grown a severe fear due to being fired a year ago.Nothing is going my way. What is the next step to heal my phobia? I cant even make a step to go to the doctor because as I said I fear that I will have those symptoms. The more I dont have a job the more Im having to deal with a horrible household where too much responsibility is on me and no one is helping me out

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    I work with women who have C-PTSD, PTSD, BPD, BD and other concerns.

    People in general suck.  They are fake, mean, rude, petty and many other things - they are toxic.  You seem pretty aware of this.  Generally this is amplified with women.  I do not know your gender.  But speaking general other women often like to isolate and embarrass women they perceive or weaker.  Men frequently exploit women.  This is not a pity party for women it is just true.  The smaller, more guilty, isolated(alone) someone can make you feel the bigger and more valuable they appear.  Women frequently try to turn men and other women against their target.

    I am sure as you know often doctors ignore or are just caught in a bad system and hurt patients, especially women.  I am not anti-male, not at all.  Just not stupid.  Often women are judged: psychotic b*tches, too sensitive, "attention wh*res" or many things.  Women experience symptoms more intensely than males and it is harder to get help.  While all of this can be proven.  More women attempt suicide and more women are emotionally abused then when they seek help more women are labeled as crazy and over medicated.  While I won't talk about it too much.  Women are many times more likely to be empathic or gifted.  Sure it is rare and people think it is BS.  But these women are targeted and exploited much harder.  They attract negative people (toxic) / negative energy they are almost always isolated and misunderstood.  If you think that is dumb that is ok.

    You should work on yourself, figure out whats wrong and completely remove/cut out bad people - forever.  At very least do whatever needed to numb emotions so they cant exploit you.

    Some acronyms that I'd try....   Before that the first is to remove people hurting you and if you believe in in negative energy.   You really need to be open to trying whatever works for you.  You are different/unique.  What works for him/her won't work for you.  You must be responsible.  I know a woman who vapes and does a few shots of tequila, another CBD/THC another sex/sexuality/bdsm.  This generally is called "needs based therapy".  It is being mature & strong enough to be willing to do whatever works for you regardless what anyone thinks.  People often take very toxic meds from doctors millions of people a year die from these meds.  There is risk.  The woman who vapes knows there is risk but it is worth it, her body her choice.  She is not nor will ever be an alcoholic.  But drinking, a shot of tequila deflects, diminishes or simply tones down fear, stress and anxiety for her.  Who the hell is anyone to judge.

    Needs based therapy is hard.  6-12 months with self diagnose then looking for things that work.  Gifted women might be closer with sexuality other men/women do better with hypnotherap, EFT/tapping or grounding.  I don't know what works for you.


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    If you don't think you can go to the doctor, there are things you can do on your own. I'm not saying necessarily that these are all you need, but I think you could at least reduce the severity of your symptoms. That would make going to the doctor easier if you needed help.

    About the breathing problem you mention, there's a psychologist who specializes in treating fears and phobias. He's written books about dealing with fears and he has a video about breathing for people who can't catch their breath during a panic attack. It's in this answer, which has other panic disorder and stress information.


    Basically, therapy for phobias, explained in The Feeling Good Handbook by psychiatrist David Burns, is making a list of situations, ranking them according to how scary you find them, and using that ranked list as your objectives. Imagining a situation can be an objective. Start with something really, really easy. You could start with something as easy as sitting in the backyard, then have walking to the mailbox as an objective, or walking around the block.

    The thing to remember is never go from objective A to objective B until you feel completely confident with A. Things that give you confidence are experience and slow breathing. There's enormous laboratory and clinical evidence that slow breathing is effective for calming people down quickly.

    Two psychiatrists, Brown and Gerbarg, say a 10 or 20 min slow breathing exercise - 5 breaths a min - is good and 20 min twice a day is a therapy for anxiety. The exercise is inhale and exhale gently, 6 seconds each.

    I have information about anxiety treatments in my answer, and you're welcome to click on my name and read. Treatments range from simple stress management to therapy and medication. Don't overlook stress management, which can help even with very bad anxiety. There’s stress advice in this - 


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