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Help with gift ?

I just started dating my friend( we were friends for a long time before we started dating) and we are going to spend Christmas together for the first time. I was thinking since he likes to wear Ball caps all the time I should try to make one since I have experience sewing and a sewing machine but I never made a hat before. is it difficult to make ? should I just buy one and embroider something on it to make it personal? Or should I just try and go for something in my comfort zone like a shirt? I figured he loves hats tho and always wears one so it would be more special I think.

If anyone has any other gift ideas too please lmk:

His interests are



Outdoor activities(very adventurous)

He’s an artist(painter)

Thank you!!!!!

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    You mean a baseball cap? No do not rly to make one.  And embroidering one on a sewing machine is going to very difficult. 

    Buy a baseball hat and have it professionally embroidered.   There are plenty of on line sites. 

    What is your budget?   That makes a difference on what to suggest to you. 

    What kind of gaming? Video, computer, chess, Dungeons and Dragons, WarHammer. Board games like Catan, Axis and Allies. 

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    I would just buy one and personalize it. 

  • 1 month ago

    A new game.

    You could gather all kinds of painting stuff that he uses.  more paint, more brushes, a few canvases, a stand,  add to what he has.  Does he ski, schedule a skiing adventure, tickets to a game he likes to watch, tickets to a concert.

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