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Cooking passion?

Hey so I found my self following alot of nutritionist and cook influencers on instagram . I pretty much am starting to have a passion for recipes and wonder how I can continue to grow it

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    Watching the cooking shows on T.V. and You Tube are a way of getting me excited about cooking.  I spend a lot of time looking up recipes from the various cooks on T.V.  Mary Berg's Kitchen (or maybe just "Mary's Kitchen") is a great Canadian show for inspiring cooking.  I don't know what countries get the show, but I'll bet you can find her on You Tube too.  She was a winner of Master Chef Canada and has become a great success.  Her recipes are all over the Internet.

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    think just practice. start simple and stay organized. maybe make list and keep everything sanitary. try to not rush things.

    i also want to try trial and error even after reading the recipe or watching the video asap  but need to leave option here. so.. but best wishes to

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