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Why are people weird after being confronted with what they did?

There was a person who misunderstood something I and one of my friends did. I explained her that what she heard wasn't all that was said and I didn't mean to do anything wrong. It was a very silly misunderstanding and not a big deal at all and me and my friend explained her the whole thing. After a few days I started hearing back a twisted version of the same story. Now some people think I did something I really didn't do and did not want to do at all and I never did anything similar to what they think I wanted to do. I confronted the person asking why they spread lies and now they are acting weird-talking down on me like I'm the one who is wrong. I have said people act like this-of course not everyone but many times this happens. Why?


What is said about me has an impact on my reputation/buiseness. I do care about it. I came out as a dishonest person for no reason who cant be trusted-its ruining my chances to grow my buiseness. My friends dont believe it but some people do.

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  • y
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    They had already made up tier minds based off of what they had seen/overheard, whatever. So all that explaining that you did, fell on deaf ears, ears/a person, who was not willing to listen and understand. Then, when called out on it, they refuse to believe that they acted or did anything,less then moral or upstanding. 

    This is a behavior we see from the time we are born to the time we die.

  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    Because all this hostility and confrontation over minor slights is annoying to most people.

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