Getting trapped and tortured in a dream, what does this mean?

Ok so, I get nightmares almost every 0night and they have progressively got worse. I always dream of people torturing me (no one in specific) or even being made to torture myself. For example, I had a dream where I was made to stick pins into my hand! And I did it! 

In another dream someone operated on me and I could feel the pain from it. I also have dreams of my body parts being cut off, it's horrible and I fear to sleep at night.Usually, before you get hurt or before you die in a dream you wake up right? As that used to happen to me... now I don't wake up. I'm still in my dream getting tortured.. it hasn't got to the point of death in a dream yet and I'm scared it will. Any advice or experiences, or possibly knowledge on what this means? I appreciate it.

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  • 1 month ago

    Leah, I'm gonna give you a different kind of answer because I think I know why your dreams are getting so violent and fearful.  Think of the condition we as a whole are facing today!!  It's a NIGHTMARE out there, with the coronavirus attack on our bodies and minds, as we worry non stop that we are gonna get caught with the dreaded virus.  This idea is flooding your mind with fear, and so it comes out in your dreams.  Try to live one day at a time, and be vigilant when going outside of your home.  The virus will be with us for quite awhile, so learn now how to cope with a fear, which is quite natural.  

  • 1 month ago

    The dream might be telling you not to exclude others from Christian or Hindu or Jewish or Sikh fellowship or deny responsibility for your actions which will increase your suffering and punishment - it might also be telling you to stop letting evil people control your life and be cautious of trusting or investing in the wrong person 

  • lala
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    1 month ago

    Its like you had been through a lots since the last 10 yrs or more 

    and If I am right

    thats why you have all those night mares 

    or it originate from a sad and painful childhood 

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