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Should he apologize or not?

My male coworker (im female) recently snapped in aggressive anger at me because i told him he should take responsibility for something someone under him did, rather than me taking the blame for it. Instead of calmly explaining the situation to me, he immediately got angry and acxused me of being "sneaky" and i started giggling because i do that when uncomfortable and he said 'see, shes laughing. She thinks its funny. Shes playing a game"

I dont get why he would snap in anger (he actually scared me physically) i was almost shaking. I walked away. Yet he couldnt just explain to me whatever he thought i was wrong about. A day passed and he just ignored my presence and still hasnt said sorry or anything.

I still feel he should be apologizing. I was not the one who accused him of being sneaky, got so angry that i scared him... Plus believe it or not, hes the man here. Then again males dont even want to be men these days.

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    1 month ago

    He was intimidated by your strength and worthiness.

    If he keeps it up he will be fired and you will be promoted and deservedly so.

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