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Do you have to know piano to be a singer?

Title speaks for itself. I’m not saying I’m amazing at singing but ya know it could come in handy one day. So to take singing lessons/ star in something that only involves you singing, do you have to know how to play the piano? 

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    Whatever gave you the idea that one has to be able to play the piano in order to sing? That's absurd.

  • Nick
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    1 month ago

    The short answer is no. But the long answer is that I feel like at a certain point of musicianship all musicians would benefit from learning basic piano. It is the composer's instrument.

  • 1 month ago

    Look don't let these people put you off. Does anyone think that every singer can play the piano, of course not, of course it bound to help to some degree. I,m eighty years old and have been singing since the sixties, not professionally of course,, but i have sang with a group for fun, and i have been singing on the Karaoke since it first came out . You have to listen to the song, so you can come in at the right time, and of course you might not sing a song in the same key as the original artist. But that's the beauty of Karaoke, if it's to high or low for you the presenter will alter the key for you.You might have to try it a few times to get the song right, but when you do you must write it down how much the key was altered because you won't remember the next time you want to sing the same song. Go for it.

  • 1 month ago

    VERY SMART question!  All music majors at any truly decent or fine music conservatories or colleges, are required to take 2 years of piano BESIDES their major instrument, or exam out (they came in knowing enough that just can take the final).  Knowing decent piano skills - not the ability to play a concerto, mind you, just at least sketch out the accompaniments to the vocal works they are studying - even if there will be a fine pianist eventually to accompany you in concert, etc. - is a HUGE HUGE advantage. This means REAL piano study - a fine, degreed, experienced teacher - NOT some rando idiot on YouTube - a long-standing aggravation of mine!  There is no such thing as wasted education - I have studied tons of things for the LOVE of them, that have nothing at all to do with my professional music career.  We all have things we learn for fun - but a singer learning piano is a NEED, not a WANT.  Lessons is better than a class - that individual focus gets YOUR needs taken care of immediately, and in private.  If you have not taken singing lessons ( and I taught voice in the school of NY for almost 30 years) I would take some piano lessons first - a few months of weekly lessons as a minimum - and everything you learn will make those voice lesson easier, and you will progress faster.  You may never get a Broadway show like "Beautiful" - in which the actress sang AND played all those Carole King songs - but you never know.  And all your reading skills in VOCAL music will be SO much better, from the piano lessons.  IN all the years that I worked at the piano as a professional accompanist, I would sometimes get *singers* who would ask me to "play it for me first, because I cannot read  music".  Oh nooooooooo - and then they would ask me that if my wedding business (did over 1600 weddings) ever needed a singer, would I call her?  We all say yes to be polite - but NEVER EVER would I hire anyone on a pro gig who was that ignorant of their need to even LEARN those music reading skills.  The world is full of people who know more, and have gorgeous voices.  So YOU - go be the smart one an learn ALL you can!

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  • RJ
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    1 month ago

    You do not have to be able to play the piano to be a singer.  However, you should know the basics of reading music and finding the notes on the piano.   

    Source(s): I am a professional singer with advanced piano skills
  • 1 month ago

    Of course lots of singers don't play piano but it's a good idea. It makes it a lot easier to read music for one thing.

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