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Any Ideas About How to Speed Up Internet?

My parents recently moved to a small rural town up north and are going through a different internet provider than before. When I connect to their internet, it is super slow. I was told that it is 5GHz speed, which was the speed they had before. I used an Ethernet cord to connect the router to my computer, but it is still incredibly slow. I bought a range extender hoping that would help, but we still no luck. Whenever I try to use the internet and host a Google Meets, my video lags and drops the call. Does anyone know how I can improve their internet speed? Any ideas are greatly appreciated! 


@Keerok - It legitimately doesn't work.  

Update 2:

When my parents moved, their neighbors told them the internet was not good. I'm just trying to make it better for them -- that's all :)

Update 3:

The speed is 10mps. I don't know anything about this, so I'm hoping that information helps. 

Update 4:

Thank you everyone -- that helps a lot!

Update 5:

Update: They are going with a different internet provider. 

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    5 GHz is the band, not the speed.

    Connect a computer directly to the modem, reboot modem, then computer.  Then do a speed test here

    Now, reconnect the router to the modem.  Connect computer to that.  Use a paperclicp to push the reset button and reconfigure the router.  Connect that same computer to the router.  Reboot it (the ip addresses change, reboot gets around problems caused by that).  Do another speed  test.Now, if they have DSL and it is coming over copper (POTS or plain ole telephone service), then take apart every jack, clean the wires (shiny is awesome here), reassemble.  Include the point where they all meet.  do another speed test after this.

    These days, 10 Mbps is terrible.  Streaming happens at low resolutions.

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    - Upgrading to a 4g router is more affordable than you may think.

    - If you are still struggling with your WiFi connection, adding a fitted antenna to your router can help create a more stable connection.

    - Don't hard reset your router frequently.

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    talk to your internet service provider about it

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    Using 5 GHz, or using an Ethernet cord, only affects the connection between your computer and the router. If the connection between your modem and the ISP is slow, there's probably not much you can do about it. DSL connections that are far away from the company office are often very slow. If this is a cable connection, you could try making sure the cable modem is behind as few splitters as possible, and that the ones it uses are high frequency (generally labeled as 2,500 Mhz or more).

    Example splitter:

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    You have to know the speeds your parents are paying for vs what you're getting. Run a speedtest ( or and compare that against what they pay for. If you get speeds close to what they pay, there really isn't much you can do other than upgrading to a faster internet package if possible. Mobile internet is another potential alternative, do depending on the provider and service, it may get pricey.

    5Ghz Wi-Fi is faster than the 2.4 Ghz band, but you are still limited to your internet speed from your provider. You can buy the fastest router known to man kind but if the best your provider can do is only 10Mbps, that's all you will get even if your equipment can handle much faster speeds.

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    If it is slow while wired with an Ethernet cable, there is nothing you can do to speed it up unless the ISP can provide a better speed. Period. Nothing you can do, only the ISP can do anything about your speeds.

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    You're complaining with 5? I've never had anything faster than half of that all my life!

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