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So when you gut a deer, are you basically taking out the stomach, heart, intestines, and anus?

How long does it take? 5 minutes?

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    If you do it right you start at the neck with esophagus and trachea,  then the heart and lungs,   then the intestines and other internal organs and finish up with the genitalia and anus.    It takes about ten minutes as you do not want to nick the digestive tract and cause a leak into the body cavity of feces.  

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    I've known guys that can do it in less than 5 minutes. I know guys that it would take them 5 hours, I know guys that have blood up to their armpits, and I know guys that could use one little handy wipe to clean themselves and their knife with when they're done. Everyone is different. I guess I spend about 10-15 minutes field dressing my deer? Its not a race, I like to look at everything, especially if my arrow doesnt pass all the way thru. You don't want to reach up in the chest cavity and grab a 3 bladed Rage broad head just so you can beat your last recorded time. Even if it is a pass thru shot, it still pays to slow down and notice things. Did the shot nick the liver, did you get both lungs? And like the others have said, you don't want to nick the guts or the bladder in the process, or you'll be gagging...

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    I can skin and gut a deer in 4 minutes. Start to finish,

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    Giving a time limit, standard, or flat rate is pointless and too many variables to give an absolute answer. I knew a person that could pull the engine of an old VW Beetle and have it laying on the ground in 7 minutes but that doesn`t mean everyone could or should meet that standard. Just like gutting a deer....just depends.

     BTW; everything except muscle and bone should come out. You forgot lungs and liver. Also a deer is a ruminant with more than (1) stomach. 

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  • Robin
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    Here we have to inspect for disease and health so takes around 30 minutes 

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    Iannclane pretty much summed it up. All of the internal organs are removed. A cut is made from the bottom of the sternum to the pelvis and everything is removed. Practiced hands can get it done in 10 minutes, it usually takes me around 30.

    Here's a tip: It may seem gruesome but if its very cold out the pile or organs you just removed are usually still very warm and can be used to heat your hands back up.

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    You're taking out everything in the body cavity, and leaving only the musculature.  It doesn't involve opening the skull or throat.  How long it takes depends on the size of the deer, how many humans are involved, and the prevailing conditions (weather, etc).  It shouldn't usually take more than an hour, and it can be much faster than that.  It's all the same to the deer, who is already dead.

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