How do successful people get help from others?

Because once you become successful, you create enemies and nb wants to help you(happens with me most of the times), how do successful people manage to get help from other people as well?

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  • 1 month ago

    If you have made too many enemies for you to have anybody left that you can rely on then that is the definition of an abject failure and not a successful person.

    Successful people....such as Tom Hanks, Warren Buffet, and Tyler Perry have built their success on being nice/kind to people.  They have remembered where they came from, they have remembered their values and have always tried to live that way.

    Therefore, in their success they have many people they can depend on ... and they have many people who do not know them at all...but would help them because they each have a kind reputation.

    Thus - it is true - you reap what you evidenced by the movie 'Citizen Kane'

    If you are good and kind...people will sing your praises and will not envy your possessions...but if you are a sneaky, slippery snake people will say you do not deserve it and will work to bring you down, take all you have and grind you into the mud.

  • 1 month ago

    I became successful teaching other people to be successful.

    Who's more valuable, the goose that can lay a golden egg, or the goose who can teach other geese to lay golden eggs?

    Many (most) of the people I hired have become more successful than they ever dreamed of, both professionally and financially. I've helped guide several people to dream jobs making six-figure incomes.

    If I've ever made enemies in my profession I have no idea who they are. People I work with treat me with appreciation and respect.

    It's sad you have such a negative perspective on success.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    They are successful. They don't need help.  But they can buy it if they must.

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