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Possible Hypothyroidism?

Hi all! So, a couple of days ago I was at Urgent Care for unrelated reasons and they also decided to take my blood. One of the tests was for TSH Ultrasensitive (Thyroid) and mine measured at 5.53. I read that for my age and gender it's supposed to be 4.1 and under but haven't really found a lot out there on Google and the doctor never called me. I'm 24-years-old and a female. My mom was diagnosed with Hashimoto Hypothyroidism when she was 30-years-old. The past 1-2 years I have been experiencing hair thinning and unusual fatigue but never thought much of it because I have other health problems. So, basically with a reading of 5.53 should I be getting treated for Hypothyroidism? I already made an appointment for tomorrow to see if my doctor suggests seeing an endocrinologist.


I forgot to mention that my grandma on my mom's side was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism at some point. Possibly hereditary.

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    Hypothyroidism means that you are not producing enough thyroid hormones. TSH is not a thyroid hormone it is a pituitary hormone. Testing should include for your thyroid hormones to see if they are low then absolutely you should be treated with thyroid hormones if they are low. If they are not low in thyroid hormone levels then you run the danger of getting hyperthyroid if thyroid hormones are given too early. The TSH is abnormal but it doesn't automatically mean treatment is undertaken without evaluating the whole situation and risks. 

    You should regularly have your TSH monitored in the future and if your thyroid hormones levels are too low then be put on thyroid hormones. 

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