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Dreaming of someone who actually died?

I’ve just had a dream about a person, now he didn’t technically die in my dream but in my dream he was in my house for some reason. About two guys broke in and started pointing guns at him and his son, everyone yelled for them to leave the baby alone as we ran to the back of the house. Eventually they did and after a few minutes I woke up. I went onto the guy’s page to find out that he died from an home invasion, i had no idea about this at all. It’s like I visited of how his death happened.. this only happened once also which is when I dreamed of my grandmother dying and finding out when I woke up that she actually died. does this mean something?

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    I know this sounds like you were given two premonitions of these two deaths.  And this is of course a real possibility. I notice that both dreams happen in a house.  Is it the same house?  Is it your house? Did your grandmother die in your house?  It may be that your mind holds memories of those days gone bye, and that is why you have dreams of "yesteryear."   

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    The dream might be telling you that you have to be careful where and who you choose to give your time and investment to cause unexpected problems might arise if you surround yourself with hostility and cynicism - either in yourself or among others 

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