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How did it feel to loose your virgenity from a womens stand of view?


Also does loosing your virgenity really hurt like they so and if so please tell me how much

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    It’s normally a good amount of pressure and pain with very little, if any pleasure. The second time often feels the same way. It takes a few tries before it starts to feel great.

    My first time, even though it physically felt unpleasant was so emotionally special for me. I loved it.

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    My first time didn’t hurt. It was a little uncomfortable and I was sore the next day. It gets better though. The best thing to do is to get used to the feeling of penetration first. Fingering and toys help. That way your body is used to the feeling, and you know what to expect. If you still have your hymen, it can help stretch it out too. Everyone is different. The most important thing is to be fully aroused and relaxed first. Lots of changes happen to a woman’s body when she gets aroused. Things change shape, muscles relax, and natural lubricant gets produced.

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    I think I regret not the act of losing it, itself. But that I feel I lose my significant innocence that appeals to men and young men. When a women or young adult women, right out of college still has it intact. I do feel I lost that, there are days the sting of loneliness as spinster, stranded, stuck living with mom. It hurts, that is why I regret it. 

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    Personally, my first time did not hurt.

    How much it may hurt depends on many variables. Whether the woman has a hymen or not (not all women do.) If she does, what type is it? If the hymen has a large main opening, and is stretchy then it will likely hurt less.

         A hymen is a thin layer of tissue/skin that rings the vaginal canal, just inside the opening of the vagina. It's thought to be left over from when the reproductive system is first formed. Some women have one. Some don't. For some women as they age, activity, hormones, use of tampons etc. wears away at the ring of tissue until it becomes barely noticeable. Other women may have a more noticeable hymen. If it fails to form an opening (imperforate hymen) then a girl might actually need to see a doctor for a small procedure. It's relatively rare for that to be necessary. Most women have no issue with it.

    If a girl is really nervous and tense, her emotions can make it more difficult for her body to be properly aroused. If she's tensing up all her will probably hurt.

    In contrast to that, if she feels safe, comfortable, and confident....then things will be easier.

    The female body undergoes a series of physiological changes to prepare for penetration. As the female reproductive system is mostly internal, many of these changes are not obvious from outside the body. These changes are triggered by sexual arousal. What this means is that women often need more time being aroused (foreplay) before attempting to begin penetration.

    The use of clitoral stimulation before and during penetration can majorly help with how comfortable a woman feels, and how much she enjoys the experience. Not just for her first time, but every time. Any of the sexy times, lol.

    What the what is a Clitoris? In case you don't know, watch the following video

    Youtube thumbnail

    I recommend a woman first attempt to penetrate herself, with a finger, before inviting anyone else to do so. Later allowing a someone to try one or two fingers while making out, can be nice. Start small and work your way up.

    Check things out. Learn the area. Take a look with a hand mirror. Figure out some of the things that feel nice first.

    Always wash hands before being intimate. Wash the fingers before they go *inside* someone!   If/when a woman does have sex, it is advised that a lady always visit the ladies room to pee afterwards. Helps prevent urinary infections.

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    Kelvin, STOP IT!  You're a better person than the one who answered.


    Troll, when you learn better English, come back and be proud of your improvements.  Starters:  lose virginity,  loose coins in pocket.  Woman's 

    point of view?   As for the update: you're on your own!  Everyone is different.

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    For me it was beautiful and the most pleasurable thing I've ever done. I realize not all women were that lucky, though.

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    same as being a troll

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