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What gets you through?

Having a significant panic attack right now and feeling like everyone hates me , and unwanted struggling to breathe struggling to not cry ... please share what gets you through

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    What helped me when I had an anxiety disorder and experienced panic attacks quite often, is realizing it's just your brain responding in an overactive way, and it's all an illusion. Panic attacks stem from a behavioral root, so you are able to train your brain unlearn this bad habit. Typically people who suffer from this either had a traumatic incident or a chain of bad incidents over time that sparked your subconscious to release adrenaline over any incident or possible threats that may or may not occur, even if it's a minor issue. Your adrenaline was meant to stress you out to get you reacting quickly and forcefully when serious life threatening occurrences happen, like being chased by bear.

    So if it's something that is not life threatening, ask yourself "Am I being chased by a bear?" No? Then you're good. Learn to breathe nice and slowly, calm your mind, and think rationally. Learn to be stoic about things in life.

    Just my 2 cents.

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