Medical Billing career advice?

I strictly want to be in the medical billing instead of medical Coding. I have extreme social phobia and I know this job requires great communication skills. This is just to give a basic understanding that I have mental health issues and I’m anti social. I can talk to people if I know what I need to say, I’m as professional as I can be and very polite but I don’t want to fail in this field because of being socially inept. Is it possible to keep to yourself in this field and is it as bad as it seems to communicate with patients and insurance companies or more? People tell me not to get into medical billing because I say that I can’t talk to people..

but if it’s for work i am fine with it I just need to know what it is I need to address. I’m looking to get a remote position when I complete school. I know it takes experience but any insight on the possibilities of being able to work from home after school regardless of that would be appreciated. I am worried that medical billing is extremely hard and not for someone with the social phobia I have, I just know that I don’t have trouble communicating over the phone when I schedule for appointments or in a professional manner, otherwise I’m timid and do not talk at all, it’s just so different when there’s something to talk about and isn’t a personal conversation. So I think it’s important I mention that I’m totally willing to talk if I know exactly what I’m doing and how I can help. 


Also if anyone can email me for more information I’m regards to further questions I have or may have in the future I would so sincerely appreciate that, please. 

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