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I questioned my partner about  increased use of Whatsapp and now he is no longer on it all of a sudden. Is he hiding anything?

I have a question and I'd like to throw it out there for all of you.

Both me and my partner use Whatsapp. I noticed he has been on it more than usual lately. He didn't use it very much before. Then I noticed he was on it several times a few days ago. I told him I noticed he was on it often throughout the day on Friday. He said he was just talking to people for business reasons. That they have Whatsapp too and use it as a primary form of communication. He told me he had to go do some banking on a bank web site on Friday but I noticed right after he got off the phone with me he went right onto Whatsapp for about 1/2 hour. He told me he was on a banking site. He said he just left it open on his phone.

Now all of a sudden I see he has not used it even once since Friday. Not once. 

I find this weird. Do you? Is he hiding something from me? Or was it innocent? He was on the app for business reasons and now doesn't need to be on it anymore? So there has been no more activity since Friday?

Don't know much about how these apps work?

His last seen date is still there as of Friday at 6:30 p.m. 

Hope you all understand how TECHNOLOGY affects RELATIONSHIPS these days!!! I would say so many of us are worried about things we did not have to worry about way back in the old days of our parents!!!


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    A bigger problem is you feel there might be a problem.  You need to absolutely understand that.  Humans are generally caught up in emotions to ever understand this.  The fact you feel it might be a problem is the problem.  Unless your are an ignorant idiot, you might be WTF is going on?   Why do you feel this way?  Saying you don't know does not cut it.....  What else is he doing?  Yes, it is very weird.

  • T J
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    1 month ago

    I will help you, find a new man, since you are a sneak, and you do not trust him. He will dump you soon enough. wait until he blocks you from everything, its coming.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You should contact the police and tell them your husband is using a phone app without your permission. Do NOT let this behavior become acceptable. You go girl

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