Should I get the Ipad Air 7 or Samsung S6. First time tablet buyer here. ?

Which is better overall as in I’d get my moneys worth? This will be my first big purchase and I’m scared I’ll make the wrong one. I’m a student studying languages, but I probably just use my laptop for that. I like to watch YouTube and other things like that like social media. 


Do either specialize in something better than the other? 

Update 2:

I mostly will use for book reading or taking notes

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  • 4 weeks ago

    This is a personal preference decision:

    Apple stuff--if you have a MacBook or iMac or any other Apple products and software, probably you should stick with that brand and get the iPad.  Be informed that you must get apps for it from Apple Store and very few other places.

    Other computer stuff--if you have PC that runs on Microsnot Windows or similar things, an Android system phone, then you should get an Android system tablet.  Then you can get apps from Google Play Store or several other sources.

    As for whether one or the other specializes in something you are interested in (languages, on line videos, social media) you should read reviews from experienced people who do that for a living.  You might get opinions from friends who have tablets that they like.

    I have only some old iMacs, no other Apple equipment.  I have Android tablets and smart phones, Samsung HDTVs, many Windows and Linux computers.  So I have a bias on choice.

    My friend who has more stuff than I, including a lot of home automation items (smart light bulbs, voice controls on everything) cannot find his only iPad--lost in the technology tsunami at his house.  Not that popular with him, I guess.  

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