Reference to when Buddha had to dumb down his teachings in order to get them across?

I forgot where I read it, but Buddha had to teach less than the full truth(even lie) to some of the people he met because that way he was able to atleast get some of his teachings in to people. It also went in to say that because some people are so ignorant or unready for the teaching, that it is acceptable to give them the necessary "kick". Can someone send me a link to somewhere or expand on this.

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    I'm not sure I understand. Jesus and Buddha taught the same thing: 

    Immortality and Miracle-Working are possible by mastering 

    use of seven candle-Flames of the Holy Spirit; each of these

    seven energies correspond to our seven chakras and are ruled 

    by seven archangels. 

    There are millions if not billions of frequencies of the Holy Spirit. . 

    Other planets may have two or three, but 

    on Earth there are seven primary-archetypes of Holy-Fire. 

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