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How do I practice eating slower?

When you eat slower, you tend to feel more full. But I finish all my food, no matter what I'm eating in 5 minutes, so then I have to eat more to feel full. How do I practice eating slower?

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    People who eat fast are typically overweight and disgusting looking. Their brains don't even have time to register that their stomach is full. Eating slower allows the pleasure of eating to linger.You taste food longer. And it's far easier on your digestive system

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    Try drinking food instead!! :D thanks!

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    Years ago I remember they would say to chew your food 25 times. It's more of how the food is digested that makes you lose weight. You can prepare your plate with food limits. Another suggestion would be to eat small portions and drink water after each bite. You could always use a teaspoon for each serving and place a timer in front of you when you eat.

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    1. Don't watch TV or scroll your phone when you eat. Be present and mindful of what you are tasting.

    2. Sit down at a table and have a conversation with other people if you can.

    3. Put down your fork between bites and chew and swallow what is in your mouth before picking up the fork again. 

    4. Cut your serving size in half. After finishing the first half, wait at least 15 minutes before starting the second part.

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    I'll show you one very simple way. It worked for me!

    It's so simple! Just chew your food on one side of your mouth instead of both. When you put food into your mouth, push it to only one side(for me it was left) and star chewing. Your eating speed will AUTOMATICALLY halve.

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    just do it and you'll be able to eat slower

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    Weight Watchers urges people to set down their fork or other utensil after every bite and to drink you water or other beverage every four or five bites.

    Chew slowly enough to savor the taste and texture of what you have. Talk to the other people you're eating with. If you're eating alone, pay attention to something else. (Music, TV.) But don't let yourself get lost in entertainment or your phone. That's a good way to never taste your meal and to overeat.

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    Use chopsticks!  You don't see a lot of fat Chinese people!

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