Back spasms should I phoned NHS 24 ?

Hey so I injured my back getting out the car the other day and every time I lay down for bed at night and on the morning I get the most painful back spasms 

I mean to the point I’m screaming and can’t move a single muscle from my legs, back sides I can’t move or BAMB god pearcing spasms, 

My dad has to help me move in bed today and stand up because it’s every 2 seconds when I move I single inch lower back downwards 

Please do you think I need a doctor ? Hospital care ? I’m in a different city from my doctors so I can’t exactly go see them unless I phone and they prescribe a muscle relaxer? Will NHS24 just turn me away ? 

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  • 1 month ago
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    I can tell you exactly what's going on, because I have injured my back before-

    Either you tweaked a muscle, or a disc in your back slipped out of place, both types of injuries demonstrate similiar symptoms albeit different recovery times! A tweaked back muscle generally takes a few days to fully heal, wheras a slipped disc can take upwards of 6 weeks to fully heal (depending on which one it is).

    My advice would be if the pain is that excuritating, would be to go down to emerge and have it looked at by a doctor! However, there really isn't much a doctor can do for that type of injury, outside of prescribing anti-inflammatory medications to help with the pain and to heal the injury.

    There's several things you can do here:

    1- When you sleep at night, always lay flat on your back, and have 2 pillows, 1 to support your head/neck, the other underneath your back (where you injured it), to help straighten out the spine.

    2- Try to keep moving during the day- The longer you lay/sit down, the more your muscles and back will tighten up and the pain will increase. You want to keep things in motion, even if it hurts, you need to keep active, to avoid things from tighetning up, and further causing you pain.

    3- Medication- Motrion would be your best bet! You don't need a pescription and you can purchase it at any drug store, and its rather cheap in price. Make sure though you pay attention to how much the dosage is, if you take too much, you run the risk of causing internal bleeding.

    I blew my back out last christmas by carrying bags up the stairs, I instantly felt my back go out, and I knew I had slipped a disc! I had spasms for about a day, like yours it was intense and painful to deal with. By the 2nd day, the spasms disappeared, but my back was tight for about 2 weeks, it felt like someone tied an anchor to my back, it wasn't painful per say, but the uncomfortablness lingered. Within 3 weeks, I was 100% healed.

    You'll be fine, I promise.

  • 1 month ago

    maybe you should go see your doctor about it

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