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How to deal with loneliness?

I am in my final year of college living away from home and alone. I've been very lonely due to the fact that courses are online, most of my friends have either left or are busy, and very little social interaction because of Covid. Im also going through a break up. I will be moving back home in December yet this brings very little comfort and I still get lonely. I do have a lot of coursework but sometimes its hard to focus when I am always alone. It bothers me a lot since I used to be someone who enjoyed a lot of alone time but now, not so much. Any advice?

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    Try to safely connect with people. They are necessary to keep you healthy. Listen to upbeat music and watch feel good movies.

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    There's a great book - Authoritative Guide to Self-Help Resources for Mental Health. It's based on polls of more than 3,000 mental health professionals. The book recommended above all for break-ups is How to Survive the Loss of a Love.

    Here's the Amazon ad. If you're skeptical, read the reader reviews.

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