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Could someone please tell me one truth trump had said in the last 4 years.?

Be real just one thing with evidence please 


Amazing i said truths 

3miles is not a wall . Mexico didn't pay 1 cent

Update 2:

Jean that is all BS only 3 Miles of new wall the rest was rebuilding the old one 

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    lets see he and he no wait it was sorry I got nothing

  • You still forced to pay the Shared Responsibility Payment Penalty under the Individual Mandate? So Billy, is that a truth?

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    Negotiate Iran Deal -  He abolished it

    Promised we'd have Social Security or he wouldn't mess with it.

    Promised he'd respect Israel which was different from Obama. Signed peace w/UAE, Bahrain and now Sudan.  If he did nothing else, this is amazing.

    Build a Border Wall and make Mexico pay-Mexico is paying and the wall is being built 187 miles built w/primary and secondary walls - this wall has High Tech devices and it requires 2 walls thickness.  After his win, it was decided to build a substantial wall of concrete and steel.

    Cut taxes.

    Take Oil from ISIS. He took more than oil Salomeini & BagDahdi. America is Oil Independent.

    Renegotiate NAFTA - New USMCA

    Impose tariffs on China and Mexico  - done

    Bring manufacturing jobs back - he is doing this with lowered taxes.

    Ban Muslim entry to stop terrorism.  The Virus banned all entry and he started with China.  Immigration into the USA is a lot harder.

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    Pull your head out of the sand since you are obviously also living in a basement like Biden. You will be left behind very soon.

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    pocohantas was lying, biden is a politician just like the rest and hasn't done crap to take care of the things he is now promising.

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    Trump said Biden is losing it and we see evidence of it whenever Biden speaks.

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    That he is gonna build a wall

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