what happens if a group home resident leaves and never comes back?

i had a friend who lives in a group home and she hated it there and always wanted to live in her own apartment but her workers said will never live alone she got mad and started saying she is going to leave the group home and never come back what would her workers do if she actually left and never return there

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  • ?
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    3 months ago

    If a person left the safety of a group home, and family members thought that person truly is incapable of living on her own, I imagine the police and the press would be notified and the relevant people would look for her, and return her to the home.

    It probably varies according to state law and the competency of the patient.  Unless your friend has been declared incompetent to care for herself, It may be illegal to hold her. 

  • T J
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    3 months ago

    They will report her as a runaway.  If she can get out of the state it would help, but she would need money to do that, and get a cash paying job, use a new name. She would have to do that, until she was 18.

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