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Why am I constantly analyzing everyone/myself?

I am 20 years old finishing my undergrad next semester and working as a vet tech. I am completely unsure of my career path which I was always so dead set on. Everywhere I go and everyone I meet I am constantly wondering what they do, how they got there, etc. I analyze the way everyone communicates and carries themselves. Never in judgmental way, strictly observational like if I'm living in a scene experiment. I hyper analyze everything I do also and am constantly finding areas for improvement. Sometimes I feel so stuck and don't know what to do. Does this happen to everyone? Is this what being an adult is? help

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    I think that most people will analyse situations. I think many/most are judgmental, so kudos to you for not being so.

    Continue to work towards your dream of being a vet tech. You will be helping people through their animals.

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