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martial arts style giving practitioner a hard-body?

literally. run into two people in my life who had extremely hard-bodies, Unfortunately did not ask what style they practiced but still curious.


To Bon : You are using the current definition of "hard-body", I'm not. I mean literally a hard-body. A body that if one were to view the person in question you know the individual is in shape but, would not realize how hard the body is until you have physical contact. 

I wouldn't know about it until I literally bumped into an an old boss at a bookstore and I danced with a young lady while in college who were both hard as the proverbial rock.  Both are martial artists, not weight lifters.

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  • Bon
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    1 month ago

    Martial art will not give you a hard-body. Martial art is about skill and while you do need a certain level of fitness, hard-body is for the most part appearances.  If you want to have bulging muscles and look ripped, you are not going to get that just from martial art training - you have to supplement it with other workouts and even proper diet.

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