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1. Yesterday I saw him in my dream and today I saw him 'in reality' Or 'in real life' or 'in real'?  I have another question below. ?

2. Don't start imagining that you're doing the same things that others in front of you doing 'in reality' or 'in real life' or 'in real' or 'in the reality' or 'in the real life'? 

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    1]  '...and today I actually saw him.'  That is what I would probably say. Of your three choices I would recommend 'in real life'. 'In real' is definitely wrong - nobody says that.

    2]  You don't need any of those endings. Simply: 'Don't start imagining that you are doing what those in front of you are doing.'  Omit 'others'.

    Definitely not 'in the reality' or 'in the real life'.  'The' is certainly wrong.

    I find it hard to imagine the scenario in which anybody would issue that instruction!

    I have a feeling that your teacher is not a native speaker of English, and that your text books were not written by native speakers.

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    "In reality" and "in real life" are fine. "In real" isn't used because there should be a noun but for some reason "for real" is acceptable. Don't ask me why.

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    My assumption is " in reality " is correct since it's an idiom.

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