Are you going to take your children trick or treating this  2020 year?


i stopped giving out candy years ago...Now with covid i dont thinks this is the best thing to do. Ive seen that people are going to use tongs to place candy in the children's my mind im thinking they have touched every part of that bag and so the tongs will contact that...sounds a bit overboard in my mind too yet i dont think trick or treating is the safest thing to participate in this year...just my 2 cents. 

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    1 month ago
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    I'm too old and don't have kids, but if I did have kids, while I wouldn't encourage Halloween anyway, I definitely wouldn't let my kids take part in it this year. I'm not going to be part of something that I guarantee will cause coronavirus to soar even more in the US!

  • I'm too old and don't have kids(thankfully!)

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