What games would be good for football training?

I think one of the problems for kids is that football training is just too boring, and most coaches are doing absolutely nothing to improve the technical ability of our youngesters, and their attendance at training is absolutely wasted, and makes no difference to their performance on matchday.

Training should also be instilling a winning mentality in to children.

Making them assertive competitive.

Everyone enjoys competition, and therefore football training should be creating as much game and competition as possible.

Ten pin bowling for one, would be a terrific football training exercise, creating competition, game, aswell as improving passing ability with both feet.

Football tennis would be terrific for building fitness, at the sametime as learning how to volley and pass and head and play quick fast one touch football, and think quick, and all that at the sametime as having the satisfaction of partaking in a "game" and "competition".

This turns the boring activity of jogging, and boring passing exercises in to something exciting.

Also 100 metre sprints and 400 metre sprints, but "with a ball". If the ball at any point goes over the lane, then a 1 second penalty deduction.

Football golf. Good for practising kicking the ball as far as possible at the same time as straight as possible.

What other games do you think could be turned in to football training competitions for kids?


Also this training excercise that even professional footballers do, when they run with the ball around objects, is a complete waste of time, and that is not dribbling, and bares no resemblance to the skill required to dribble round an opponent on matchday.

Kowing how to Dribble starts in the brain, not the feet.

It is realising the first rule of dribbling is keeping your body between the opponent and the ball.

Update 2:

It is keeping your body between the opponent and the ball whilst the ball is moving and learning to always have the ball at your heels when directly running at an opponent and mesmerising that opponent by appearing to always have the ball in a position he cannot legally touch it without hacking you. It is then learning to do this at speed and shift the ball quickly from one side of your body to the other, shifting directions, always keeping the opponent on the wrong side of you

Update 3:

Once a footballer has learned this in his brain, the next stage is to go out and practise this.

However, 90% of even professional footballers, have not realised this.

Coaches, should have realised this by now, however.

Update 4:

Maradona and Messi are well aware of this, as is Cristiano Ronaldo.

The knowledge begins in the brain.

Update 5:


Only replies from people that have an answer to the question or a constructive opinion regards to football training, and methods.

Opinions on other matters are not relevant to this subject.

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  • Adam
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    4 weeks ago
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    For me coaching is about reducing the thinking time and trying to get as many things as possible to an instinctive level for that player. Build the games and excercise around that principal

    A few examplesPiggy in the middle as we called it with a few variations is a good method. I normally use it with 1 touch allowed, this improves the first touch and the vision as they have to know who is open.In 1 on 1 sessions, I stick a ladder on the floor and ask the player to take a step, I throw him the ball and call out either left foot, right foot, chest or header. If he breaks eye contact with me he loses. Again builds reflexes.

    There's loads of little games you can use or create. However it depends on the group.

    They will gain nothing if they are not interested and some groups prefer activities that others don't.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

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