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Antibiotics for UTI W/ least side effects ?

I was told I have a uti. This is my 2nd uti my whole life and I’m 30. First uti I was in the hospital so they just gave me medicine through my IV. So I’ve never taken pill form antibiotics for a uti before. I was prescribed Nitrofurantoin and I’ve read ALOT of horrible experiences to where I’m convinced and don’t want to take this antibiotic. What antibiotics are the best with least side effects experienced To you for a UTI. Yes I know everyone is different but this one I was prescribed seems to have everyone saying it’s HORRIBLE and to STAY AWAY! 

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    I give nitrofurantoin all the time as its a really good UTI antibiotic and its twice a day for 7 days, and almost no one has issues with it. People who have issues are generally the only ones who post things: almost no one says --it was great. Also your mind set: you think you will have an issue, you will talk yourself into it. The next best antibiotic in our area (there are regional resistance patterns) is keflex.

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