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a presidential act is an act that is suitable from a president, what is the word for other jobs ?

such as engineer-- engineerial ?

teacher-- teacherial ?

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    typically the generic term "professional" applies across the specific roles that make up the professions.  Nothing I do as a geologist would be described as geological.  That word has a completely different purpose and meaning.

    Besides, the word "presidential" is not speaking of the generic job, it is speaking of the role. My work as a geologist is in the role of a professional who knows about geology.  It isn't geology that matters, it is the role of professional that matters.  No one would accuse me of ungeological if I acted in an unprofessional way.

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    Some professions take an -ial ending, professorial, editorial, secretarial, janitorial, senatorial. Most don't. No particular reason, pretty random. For those that don't you can often use -ing, a teaching assignment, a gardening job, a plumbing business etc.

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    Not being American or from any country with a president, I cannot really comment on 'presidential act', but my gut feeling is that it is not connected with 'suitability'.

    Certainly your notions of 'engineerial', and 'teacherial' do not exist, and look very comical.

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    In general (there are other ways to do this)

    a ____al act

    an act of ___ing


    - an act of engineering

    - an act of teaching

    - an act of doctoring

    - an act of parenting


    - a parental act

    - a Mayoral act

    - a Congressional act

    other varieties

    - a legal act

    - - - i.e. an act of law

    - a fatherly act


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