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How much money do NBA rookies make In Their first yeah in the league. ?

I have been wondering about this since I knew about the NBA. I also want to get into the NBA so I want to learn more about the NBA. You can also tell me more about the nba like what’s the average amount of points does one player in one game.

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    1 month ago

    The money varies depending on how high you up on the draft.  Top pick is $8.1M, and the 30th pick is $1.6M  2nd round picks make $560K and some have a guaranteed 2nd year whereas others do not

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    1 month ago

    Depends on your contract. But if you're that interested, why not do a little research yourself? 

    What level are you playing now though? Have you even been contacted by a D1 university? 

    How competitive of a conference do/are they play in? What are your grades & test scores?

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    my cousin played for the milwaukee bucks in his rookie yr (2009) giving baby momma $10,000mo/$120,000yr for child support, so the dollars were good for him to give that much 

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