Why can we not imagine the level of realism as seen in our dreams?

If our unconscious minds can dream such realistic dreams while we are sleeping, then why can it not do it while we are awake?

and if thats the case maybe dreams do not come from our own heads, they are just influenced by them

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Because your body needs to rest and so does your imagination at the psychical and neurological levels. That is why when we are awake, you can plan and get visions for things and buildings and so forth, but not everything. Because those parts of our minds needs to rest. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    The study of dreams is fascinating. We really have two minds, one is subconscious, and the other is conscious, awake, knowing the reality of Life.  I believe the one person who used both the inner subconscious brain and the awake brain was Albert Einstein, with his thought experiments.  Lots of people do remember their dreams and do learn things from them, as part of our brains "pick up important things" when they are busy doing other things.  For instance, even when I start to write these answers to these questions, I  sometimes have no idea how to answer these questions that is the conscious brain.  But the minute I put my hands on the keys, my mind picks up on every kind of clue left by the person who is the dreamer. I believe this also happens to artists also.  They just release their minds to be creative and some of the most wonderful creations just seem to come out of nowhere, but it comes from the knowledge tucked back in my subconscious mind.  These are my thoughts on your question, which is one of the more thoughtful I have read and answered. 

  • Ron
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    Realistic in what way? If you mean in detail and plausibility, I would argue. Dreams are being made by a tired brain, that's why events so often lack rationality. If you mean force, emotional impact, then yes, I would agree that a dream is often harder-hitting than a thought you are having while awake. But that is because in day to day life, you have distractions. When immersed in reading or watching something you can become equally absorbed, but in the main, just sitting still actually involves numerous sensory inputs (which is why meditation is so rewarding). 

    As for dreams not coming from your own heads, I guess that is a nice sentiment, and true insofar as no one generates all of their own ideas - we are all vessels containing the statements, images, and behaviours of others accumulated over our lives. 

    There's nothing supernatural about this, however.

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