Why do model rockets that have multiple stages have a increased chance of weather cocking? And how many stages can you safely have ? ?

Also could you multi stage AP motors as i know you can BP motors ? 

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    A single stage rocket launches perpendicular to the ground off a firm surface. 

    Subsequent stages have no firm surface and no guarantee of being perpendicular to the ground. So if the first stage has already begun to weathercock even a tiny bit, that will be hugely magnified when the second stage goes off. 

    Except for model rockets which have the added complexities of gyroscopic guidance on all powered stages (often done passively by simply spinning the rocket although it is far less effective than active gyroscopic control), I have never personally seen a model rocket with more than two powered stages. I have seen plenty with a third stage but those I’ve seen only had a simple unpowered ballistic payload as a third stage.

    Just because I’ve never seen it does not mean it does not exist, but it would be quite rare and pretty unsafe as any unguided third stage could fire when the rocket is in any attitude at all including pointing at people or property.

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