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Hamster suddenly biting?

I’ve had my hamster for a year and 2 months and he’s always been the friendliest hamster. He’s always been interacted with and handled since we got him and has never bitten me or any of my family members until recently. In the last few months he has developed some tumors on his stomach and sides but these have never seemed to bother him, he seemed just as happy as always. Then we took him to the vets as the tumors kept getting worse and they told us they wouldn’t operate as hamsters tend to bite at their wounds and as he had 6 tumors it would make him very uncomfortable. They told us he was fine for now and to just keep feeding and watering him and handling him like normal and eventually he’ll start eating and drinking less and sleeping more until he goes. In the last week he has started to bite pretty much everything including me but it’s not hard biting, he’s kind of chewing on things and it doesn’t hurt. It’s started happening very suddenly and I’m just wondering if he’s in pain and trying to ease the pain by biting or if it’s something else. We’ve given him things in his cage to chew on and found he seems to like the softer things such as soft toys and fabrics (and my fingers) but isn’t really a fan of hard things like pieces of wood or salt blocks. I’ve made him a tiny pillow to chew as he seems to do it at any opportunity he gets. Anyone know what it could be all about?

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    It's possible that the tumors are bothering him and chewing on things is his way of distracting himself.

    I'm not a hamster owner, but I have domestic rats, so this would make the most sense to me. A few months ago when one of my rats had a tumor growing on her side, she was in pain and developed a habit of walking around in circles and gnawing on one of the wooden hideouts. Maybe your hamster is going through something similar? It would be good to check with a vet.

    Best of luck.

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