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Isnt Goldfish the most dumbest pet to have, same with Hamsters?

Because i heard Goldfish die because of their own feces in the fishtank that polutes it, so you have to clean it all the time and you cant pet it like a cat or have it love you, same with hamsters that just runs away or something.



I can understand horse though, if you can gain its trust then its a good pet

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Other people have other opinions. But please, why did you even write this here?

  • 4 weeks ago

    All fish poop which is toxic to them. This is why you cycle the tank. You want bacteria that processes the waste into something less harmful. The end of the cycle is nitrates which are toxic but much less so. They are removed with water changes before they reach a toxic level. Plants will also remove them from the water so you can go longer in between water changes but goldfish sometimes eat plants so that's not always an option. 

    Any caged animal needs their cage cleaned on a regular basis or waste will build up and it becomes harmful. 

    I actually like that fish don't need attention. I wanted some low maintenance pets. Something that wouldn't take up a lot of my time. Once you know what you are doing and once the tank is cycled fish are pretty low maintenance. Water change, prune plants and scrape the tank walls every few weeks. Feed them once a day. That's about it. 

    I like watching my fish. Its calming. The fish are pretty. Their tanks look nice. You don't get much else out of them but that's ok with me and every other fish keeper. Oh and I like that the ongoing cost isn't expensive for my small freshwater aquariums and no spending money on vet visits. 

    Hamsters can be skittish but with regular handling they get used to people and don't mind/like being held. They are good pets. Don't need giant cages, are quiet, friendly, not too expensive etc. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I adopted a horse two years ago.  Goldfish or hamster is looking pretty smart right about now.

    Stop being so judgmental of other people's choices.   Just because YOU don't want a hamster or goldfish doesn't mean it's dumb if someone else does.

    Does anyone actually like you?

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