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My vagina has been engulfed in inflammation for several days, what do i do???

My entire vagina is engulfed in inflammation  for so many days i am dying, itching and burning itching and burning it hurts so much i just want the pain to stop. I've tried everything all the drug store creams, tea tree oil, lemon juice. Please does anyone have any home remedies to treat this? Yes i probably got it from sex, but i had the itching before i had sex on wedenday now its just a thousand times worse. 

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    Yikes!  The stuff you are doing is probably making things a lot worse.  Tree tea oil and lemon juice can cause chemical burns if applied to any type of mucus membrane and especially the vagina because of its extreme sensitivity.   Its hard to know which symptoms you have are from the stuff you applied to your vagina or from some other problem.  

    Stop putting weird stuff in your vagina.  You probably have some type of vaginal infection that is super irritated by putting inappropriate chemicals into your vagina. You can't treat a medical problem without know whats causing the problem.  You should go to an urgent care clinic to get tested for STDs and to have the problem examined by a medical professional.   In the mean time, just leave it alone. 

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    See a gynecologist and stop self-treating. You don't know for sure what this is. You need tests.

    Whoever told you to use lemon juice or tea tree oil on your vagina and vulva? The skin there is VERY sensitive, the more so when it's inflamed by an infection! STOP all that!

    Take ibuprofen for the inflammation until you can see a doctor.  Take it orally. Don't apply it to your vagina, for God's sake. I'm telling you that because you've certainly been foolish so far.

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    Go to a physician ASAP!  You need to get an antibiotic to deal with this.  Home remedies aren't going to help.

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    Go to gp as soon as possible.  You can not heal with non rx.  It willget worse and you will spread to others.    Please let the other partner know the result.  Be responsible an do not have sex until you are matured.

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    You need to see your Doctor.

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    have you called and asked your gynecologist

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