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I am creating a business having two words in its name. Just found out one of the words is trademarked by another business. is it a problem?

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    The answers from clueless anonymous Yahoos on this message board are worth exactly what you're paying for them.

    If your business is valuable, get assistance from a good business attorney. An attorney is the only place you're going to get information about this that's worth a crap.

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    So what is this trademarked word that you are so worried about using?

  • Jay
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    1 month ago

    Only if the word that is trademarked is a word invented by the company that holds the trademark.

    Example "Blue Ivy".  If you try to open business named 'Blue Ivy' you will be immediately sued by dozens of very well dressed lawyers.

    But you can open a business called 'Blue Rugs' or a business called 'Ivy Rugs' and not get in a bit of trouble.

    Another example is 'UGGS'  Unless you are selling the trademarked brand if you try to use UGGS in your company name you WILL be sued.   So If you are wanting to open a company that sells paper and you decide to call it Blue Uggs Paper...you will get a cease and desist.

    (And if you try to open a company called UGGS BLUE IVY PAPER you will likely get slapped silly by a group of Queen Bee's fans.)

  • 1 month ago

    Not unless it's in your same business classification. 

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