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When people talk about green energy how comes it is mostly windmills and solar and not geothermal? Iceland gets nearly all it's energy....?

from volcanoes. In Europe anywhere there is or was a Roman bath there is an opportunity to tap into a heat source near the surface, in America the whole of Yellow Stone sits on top of a super volcano. A bit of sideways drilling, and we could be tapping into large amounts of free energy.   


William......As you probably know wires transport energy around the country on the grid, some energy is even exported to other countries, so the source of the energy is not important, it's the same with dams. 

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    Geothermal requires heat escaping from the Earth and not everyone has geysers and volcanos,  Windmills are a great idea but they take up alot of space.  I would think windmill would be ideal to have over large farms as there is already a large amount of space and the turbines could prevent  insects from attacking the farm in huge numbers. Solar panels also require a large amount of space and it is not always sunny. Personally, i think that solar and wind could be utilized in better ways. For example, if i have a 90 story office building using solar panels instead of windows.  In the same office building having turbines installed in the ventilation shafts so that  when the wind hits the building the turbines move. 

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    hydroelectric energy, bio-gas from biodegradable waste

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    Locations for geothermal like Iceland are few and far between.  Solar and wind mills are common in most everywhere.  One form of geothermal is prolific but few know about it.  In locations with cold winters and hot summers, long pipe systems are buried deep in the ground.  The home takes in air through these pipes.  That air is much cooler than ambient air in summer and much warmer in winter,  

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    Geothermal is included.

    It just isn't feasible in most of the places people actually live.

    Wind and sun are everywhere.

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    Iceland has special circumstances. Yellowstone park area could do the same, but it would be too expensive when they already source their energy elsewhere.

    Humanity is not living sustainably.  An abundant electric source, such as a damn, which was thought to have been able to supply us with more than we would need, became a reason to invent more things that required electricity to run them.

    Less is more and that is a concept that people reject. That is the 'green' movement we must embrace and spread as the only real solution.

    We always want what others have. It's human nature. We must stop where harm is caused to others. Wealth and the acquisition of things, must stop being seen as a positive goal, but as the reason for the many wrongs in the world.

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    The idea is to go back to subsistence survival, not increase industry.

    I am surprised that E-vehicles are even considered.

    It is a huge ecological destruction to produce electric anything.

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    Because geothermal isn't available everywhere. You can have a wind or solar farm in Illinois, but there aren't any volcanic hotspot there to utilize for geothermal energy. So why advertise something that isn't practical everywhere.

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