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Do you remember the "Over the Limit Under Arrest" commercial?

There was this one ad for drunk driving where it shows a truck skidding along at night and it is a bearded guy and he is stopped by a cop and he says sir? have you been drinking? and the cop opens the door and alcohol spills and floods out? Next there is a guy eating olives and drinking and the cop stops him and the same happens, and there is another guy driving and the same thing happens again. That ad did not have any women in it. What would you think if there was one with women where it shows a sedan skidding along and it is a yuppie woman with curly hair. then the next scene shows a teenager/20's girl driving a sports car drinking a beer can and the cop stops her and asks her and alcohol spills out, and then a black SUV is skidding along and it is a middle aged blonde drinking a whiskey flask and the same thing happens again? What would you think? Would those be good cars? What cars would be good?

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    4 weeks ago

    Nothing different would happen.

    Please define your definition of "good cars."

    But I have a question.  You have posted question after question about drinking, drugging, driving.  They all involve "what if a woman..." thinking.  Why?  What is your fixation on that specific topic?  "What if a woman were putting on lipstick and driving", "what if, what if, what if?"

    My Dad was killed by a drunk driver. I don't find drinking and driving to be a humorous topic.  He'd be just as dead if a woman were driving.

    I don't find distracted driving to be as fascinating as you find it to be.

    Again, what's the issue?

  • 4 weeks ago

    The woman would show more cleavage hoping not to get a D.U.I.!

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