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Help with this dynamics physics problem?

A pilot of mass 65 kg in a jet aircraft makes a complete vertical circle in mid-air. The vertical circle has a radius of 1.70 km at a constant speed of 215 m/s. Determine the force of the seat on the pilot at (a) the bottom of the loop and (b) the top of the loop. (Note that at the top of the loop, the aircraft is upside down.)

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    At the bottom of the loop, add gravity to the centripetal acceleration; at the top. subtract.

    centripetal a = v²/r = (215m/s)² / 1700m = 27.2 m/s²

    (a) bottom F = 65kg * 37m/s² = 2404 N ≈ 2400 N

    (b) top F = 65kg * 17.4m/s² = 1130 N ≈ 1100 N

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